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WTF Is A Panter

What is a “Panter”

A “panter” is exactly like what it sounds like, a misspelling of panther, according to Google. It’s the outcome when the words plants and planters run full speed at each other. The “L”s weren’t so lucky!

In short, it’s pants which have become a planter for plants! It’s become a platform for one to express oneself to provide either hope, inspiration, enjoyment, or comedic relief during such a trying time.

Plus, it puts a quirky spin on basic gardening. Some pants and plants aren’t cut out for that normal life. It’s the panter life for them!

Why Panters?

Walking the streets of Madrid panters are everywhere in the city center. Each have a quirky color scheme while providing some green space relief to an otherwise overwhelming concrete jungle. Each winter in Nordeast Minneapolis pants sometimes freeze in place during the coldest winter days in a few select yards. 

Being inspired by both my neighborhood and guerrilla gardner, Juan Perez, pants can now flourish around Nordeast during the summer months. Panters also provide the opportunity to any artist who want to express themselves in a unique way while providing additional green space to Minneapolis!

Plus who doesn’t love fresh flowers and herbs while covering up ugly sights on the street.

Why Is It a Club?

It’s not. No membership fees or anything that goes along with the word club. It’s sounds cool and exclusive because it was the only domain name that fit with the name panters.

If you would like to join the movement please consider either adopting a panter or donating to the club.